Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lesson : Hitting a Top Spin

PROBLEM You’re a flat-ball hitter. This is a huge disadvantage when you’re trying angled shots, offensive lobs, or safe, high rally balls. You’ve heard the term “brush up the back of the ball” more than you can stand, and you finish your swing up high over your shoulder, but there’s still no topspin.

SOLUTION While executing a low-to-high swing, try to hit the ball with the top edge of the racquet. This will be difficult to do at first, but the exaggeration will give you the feel of the vertical sweep up the back of the ball that you need for topspin.

After that, try leading with the top edge of your racquet, but hit the ball on the strings. The resulting shot should have plenty of topspin. Watch the seams of the ball as it leaves your strings, paying attention to the spin and not just if it goes in.

When pro players such as Rafael Nadal are on the defensive, they still hit with topspin. But since they’re late making contact, their racquets on their forehands will follow through behind their heads. I’m not encouraging a late contact point, but mimicking them is a great way to learn the vertical sweep necessary for topspin.

Be careful not to hit your head when practicing this technique. If your shots don’t make it over the net, pick a higher target. Bonus: If you get this shot down, you’ll also have that topspin lob you’ve always wanted.

Article by David Mix Photos By Manuela Davies/Double Exposure

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  1. Skill ini mesti belajar, untuk bersaing dengan pihak lawan yang suka ralley panjang.


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