Monday, August 16, 2010

Head Youtek Speed Pro

The Youtek Speed Pro is an ideal choice for the advanced level player. From tip to handle, this racquet is loaded with feel and control. Aggressive hitting from all areas of the court is possible thanks to the high level of precision found with this racquet.

At over 12 ounces strung, this stick provides ample mass to plow through the contact zone with excellent stability. At net the racquet feels rock solid with a crisp and clean response. Control on volleys is excellent.

The frame offers a firm response, which combines with the open string pattern to make punching volleys with depth and pace a snap. Thanks to the stability at contact, only a relaxed grip is required on the handle allowing for lots of feel on touch shots.

Players with the strength and technique to handle the weight of this racquet will find lots of pace and excellent targeting on serve.

The roundish head shape and thin beam means the server can attack the ball at a very aggressive angle and still clear the frame for maximum spin production. All in all this is a very impressive player's racquet that is a must demo for advanced level players.

Head Size : 98 sq inch
Length : 27 inches / 69 cm
Balance : Head Light
Composition : Graphite / D30
Power Level : Low
String Tensin : 52-62 pounds
Player using this racquet : Novak Djokovic

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