Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Becker said Andy Murray need to be Mature

Boris Becker has said that one of the reasons Andy Murray has not won a Grand Slam yet is down to his close relationship with his mother. Judy Murray, a tennis coach herself, is regularly seen with Murray at events, and Becker believes it shows a lack of maturity on the Scot's part.

"In many ways, Murray seems younger than 23," Becker is quoted as saying in the Mirror. "Like how close he still is to his mother, Judy. He has also been pretty much with the same girlfriend for the past three or four years. "That is something you don't usually do when you're 23, it's what you do when you're 19 or 20.

Maybe he is maturing a bit slower and that shows on the court. "On a tennis court, you are by yourself. You cannot ask anybody on important points what to do. "You have to be convinced yourself what is the right thing to do. That is called maturity.

I find he still hasn't matured enough to be able to make the right decisions in a Grand Slam." Becker won Wimbledon when he was just 17 but the German legend said there is still plenty of time for Murray to win one of the big prizes in tennis. "I think he is awfully close and one of these days he will break through," said Becker.

"He is like Arsenal because they look pretty and play good but haven't won trophies and their fans get impatient. But stick with the tactics and Wenger and Murray will do it!"

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