Saturday, September 11, 2010

Semifinal everyone ?

All four player are playing today in the semifinal match of the US Open grand Slam in New York. Everyone expect someone to win, but majority expect Nadal - Federer in the final, is it possible, well.... the chances are there, both are very determine to win, nadal really wants to win the US Open, while Federer insisting another Grand Slam singles title. What about Djokovic and Youzhny ? can they do the impossible ?, actually nothing is impossible as long they have the will. Today Nadal will meet Youzhny, while Federer will meet Djokovic in the semi final. All four have the determination to win the US Open Grand Slam. Nadal even though has never set foot inside the final of US Open, has prove himself worthy by eliminating all opponent along the way, including his spaniard compatriot Fernando Verdasco in the quater final. I think Nadal is starting to play smart tennis and minimise is aggresive playing in the hard court that could lead to his injury again. Federer on the other hand just woud'nt let go to add another Grand Slam singles title, even though some people expect him to rest or even retired early, since he broke Pete Sampras 14 Grand Slam Singles title. Currently Federer still holds 16 Grand Slam singles title. Well ... do you think he will play to win or play just for the fun of it ?. Remember now, federer is a very determint and emotional person ( Australian Open 2008 ), i think he won't drop his guard down that easily since he is the 5 time winner in the US Open. So what ever the result is, as the old saying - may the best man win :) Article by Marvin from Tennisbone 11/9/2010

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