Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rafael Nadal VS Novak Djokovic in Final

Wow... wow... wow ! I did not expect this to happen, Federer lost to Djokovic was some what unbelieveable, especially that long ralley, Djokovic return every shot that Federer make, hoping for Federer to make some error in his shot, but Djokovic got his rythm right at that time. Federer on the other hand seems at be unease, especially with a lot of error from his side.

Well ... sometimes you win, sometime you don't, that's the way it is. As for Nadal, he play brilliantly against Youzhny, without losing any set, he cruise through the game easily but aggresive against his opponent.
Now, it's time for the final, who will win ? My bet is on Nadal. Say what ever you want, Nadal still has the advantage here.

Article by Marvin of Tennisbone

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