Monday, September 6, 2010

Choosing a Perfect Shoe

Playing tennis is very fun, especially with friends. I prefer playing singles, but doubles are a lot more fun. My topic here is about shoes, tennis shoe actually. So why do we need the right tennis shoe ? Well hellooooo ! it's for the comfort of course. Choosing the right shoe also help with your game as well.

A good shoe will help you running around the court with ease and comfort. Trust me when i say that the right shoe can improve your game dramatically, even if it's expensive. So how do you choose the right shoe ? Here a tip that you can follow when choosing or buying a new tennis shoe :

1. It doesn't bite your nail :
A good tennis shoe doesn't bite your toe nail, trust me that when you're running around the court, and turning left to right and vice versa, your toe nail will eventually become the victim here. Make sure your shoe has some space for your feet to move around, that way your toe can move freely inside.

2. Fit your feet perfectly :
When your feet goes inside a shoes, you must feel the comfort, the perfect match as you would say it. When you move around, you won't feel any tightness around the feet, and it must be able to flex without any difficulty.

3. Long lasting shoe :
Why long lansting shoe ? For a regular tennis player, that would save a lot of money, even though expensive, in long term, it's worth buying. Unlike Pro tennis player, they have their own sponsor to back them up.

4. Light with cushion ( means not to heavy ) :
Well, light tennis shoe also help to improve your game, especially running around like crazy. You would'nt want a shoe that 's going to slow you down isn't it. A cushion shoes also makes your feet feel at ease when running. As long it does'nt hurt your feet.

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