Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lesson : Moving Your Arm the Correct Way

Proper use of the tossing arm can be the difference between putting your serve in the box or in the bottom of the net.

PROBLEM Your tossing arm drops prematurely and away from your body. This throws off the mechanics necessary for an effective serve. Your shoulders open too soon, causing your head to pull down and drag your upper body with it. You collapse over and drift into the court, making contact with the ball behind your body. The result is a poor serve that usually finds the net.

SOLUTION When tossing the ball to serve, you want the arm to swing up straight from the shoulder and remain in that position until you begin to uncoil. As you start to rotate your upper body, the tossing arm should come down and tuck into your belly at contact.

It almost looks as if you’re giving yourself a hug. This action will help you maintain proper body posture and stay in line with the ball as you build momentum to impact. Now you’ll better control the transition from a smooth backswing to an explosive swing, and you’ll strike the ball with added power and accuracy.

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