Monday, August 23, 2010

Equipment : Wilson Pro Tour BLX

2009 US Open Champion, Juan Martin del Potro's racquet of choice, the Pro Tour BLX is the ideal compliment to the player who likes to take a big cut at the ball. With a unique 96sq. inch headsize and an 11.6-ounce strung weight, this one blends stability with control for confident hitting. The dense 18x20 string pattern further enhances control so players can stay on the gas without fear of over-hitting.

At net the head light balance helps keep the racquet feeling maneuverable and provides a traditional feel purist volleyers will love. Wilson has include Basalt fibers which are designed to improve the feel of the racquet so players can stay connected to their shots regardless if hitting with power or touch. All in all an impressive offering that brings a unique feel and performance to this popular racquet category.

Head Size : 96 Sq inch
Lenghth : 27 inches
Strung Weight : 11.6 oz
Composition : Karophite Black & Basalt
Power Level : Low
Swing Speed : Fast
String Tension : 50 – 60 pounds
Pro’s using this racquet : Juan Martin del Potro’s

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