Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wilson K Six One Tour 90 (K 6.1 Tour 90)

Quicker through the contact zone and offering a larger sweetspot, this is by far the most forgiving Tour 90 that we had the pleasure of hitting. Some subtle updates to the shaft design and a more open feel to the stringbed sets this version apart from its nCode and ProStaff Tour 90 predecessors and provides a closer performance to its ProStaff 85 roots.

From the baseline our we noted a very solid response from this racquet. We found the racquet to come around a tad quicker, allowing for even more pace, depth and penetration on groundstrokes. At net the KSix-One feels rock solid and very precise.

The sweetspot feels larger here than with previous Tour 90s, and our team found good targeting. On serve there found plenty of control. Pace and court penetration come from the player's ability to utilize the racquet's mass. The stringbed offers plenty of bite and we found some noticeable hop to kick serves.

All in all a very impressive racquet that is a must hit for 5.0+ level players.

Head size : 90 sq inch
Length : 27 inches
Compositions : 80% karophite black & 20% kevlar
Power level : Low
String tension : 50-60 pounds
Pro’s using this racquet : Roger Federer

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